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My services include

Haircut and Styling

Whether you’re looking for a new look or just want to refresh your current hairstyle, a good haircut can make a big difference.

Hair color and Highlights

Hair colors and highlights are a great way to give your hair a new look and emphasize your personal style.

Hair Straightening and Hair Shaping

I discovered my passion for hairshaping during my apprenticeship in 1986. The decade of the cold perm. But in the mid-90s no one wanted a perm anymore. But in 1996, a Japanese stylist Yuko Yamashita invented the „reverse perm“, i.e. the first permanent hair straightening. Since 2013 I have specialized in hair transformations.

The Original japanese Hairstraightening YUKO

Yuko permanently straightens hair without compromising hair health. Perfect hair straightening and breathtaking curls: Discover the expertise in Japanese hair straightening and digital perm.


You don´t want poker Straight Hair?

So if you dream of curly or wavy hair but don’t feel like the traditional perm, digital perm could be the perfect solution for you.

It offers a gentle and versatile way to give your hair a new look and make you stand out from the crowd.

Defy nature with products from the Japanese company Paimore.

Before and after


In many media, Asian characters are often portrayed with straightened hair.

This can contribute to people getting the impression that all Asians have straight hair. But that’s not correct. In Asia, people get their first perm or hair straightening from the age of 5. The Japanese are the pioneers of permanent hair straightening!

You can’t always tell how popular hair straightening is in Asia because the focus is on making it look natural.
And if you have straight hair, you would like to have movement in your hair.

Diverse Choise of organic products

I also have various formulas of organic chemical-free hair straighteners, so I can truly straighten all hair types, with results that can vary from temporary, demi-permanent and permanent.

Check out my results of before and after pictures, by product or by hair type here:

These products are suitable for all hair types from dull looking hair to dry and damaged hair.

I am prepared for all hair situations and have a wide range of products to give everyone straight hair.
However, it is important to note that the best treatment for your hair can only be decided at the appointment, regardless of which method is booked.
Each hair type is unique and may require different approaches.

As a service provider, I have developed a concept that aims to provide you with all the relevant information you need.

In my concept, the preliminary consultation deliberately takes a back seat.

You can make an appointment with me, ideally without prior consultation. Only after deep cleaning of the hair is it possible for me to answer questions about the hair situation.

If you would still prefer prior advice, you also have the option of booking a 30-minute consultation for a fee.

A principle of my philosophy is that my customers deserve my full attention!

As a sole proprietor, I unfortunately cannot offer telephone appointments or advice for hair straightening. My services are in high demand and are considered standard throughout Asia. My luxury treatments are also known and available in cities like London or New York, but they can hardly be found in Germany.

To counteract the constant calls throughout the day, I don’t give out a public phone number.

However, appointments can be easily booked online around the clock.

It was unfortunate that back in 2013 I discovered that around 60% of the agreed appointents were not kept. This was because my salon was one of the first to offer the new keratin straightening. Other salons also had similar experiences in 2016-2018.

For this reason I require an advance payment of €150 for every booking. Hair straightening is billed based on time spent at an hourly rate of €70.

Unlike many other salons, I have chosen to structure my prices in a way that makes hair straightening affordable for everyone!

Budget hairdressers have an overhead cost of about 65.00 € per hour to meet the legal minimum wage. This means they have to perform a haircut every 20 minutes for around 23 €. On the other hand, I charge 70 € per hour for my hair straightening services, which is the absolute minimum.

The luxurious Japanese products from YUKO and PAIMORE that I use are typically available worldwide in other salons for starting from 100 €/US$/£ per hour, but I offer them at an affordable price.

Free payment option:

  • Online: If you have online banking on your smartphone, you can transfer money to my account on site. You already have my bank details through the advance payment. This is the best payment option for me!
  • CASH is also possible.

Paid payment option: + 1.5%

  • My card terminal accepts debit and credit cards from major providers as well as NFC payment options.

I recommend that you watch IPTV on my TV during the treatment and bring Bluetooth in-ear headphones with you.

My dog Ludo is always by my side. If you’re afraid of dogs, just ignore Ludo. After 2 minutes at the latest you will be uninteresting to Ludo.

Michael Haefele Hairclub
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