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Thank you for your interest in my services!

Please note that I require an advance payment of €150 for every booking.

This may be unusual for some, but it allows me to ensure the security and reliability of the time reservation.

If no deposit is paid, there is a high risk when booking online that the appointment will not be respected or will not arrive on time.

This can lead to potential loss of revenue as the reserved time cannot be used for other purposes.

Even if the appointment is not canceled or missed in time, I will at least receive 50% of the payment to cover my costs.

A deposit has the advantage for you as a customer that the remaining amount for the treatment is not so high.


It is common for some people to arrive 20-30 minutes before the appointment to ensure enough time for travel to the appointment location and to account for possible delays.

However, it is ideal for me if you arrive +/- 5 minutes before the appointment.

Please avoid arriving significantly earlier, especially if the appointment starts at 11 am. I would greatly appreciate it if you also respect my arrival time before work starts.

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